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Rent Collector

Video: Rent Collector
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Studio: Cheeky Video
It was Christmas; she was late with her rent. In a desperate bid to find the funds she gambled the £100 she had set aside...and lost every penny. The plot is simple, the action realistic and severe. Over the knee hand spanking, paddle, hairbrush, belt and cane is what she got for Christmas!

Aupair Girl

Video: Aupair Girl
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Studio: Cheeky Video
An English girl is hired as Au-pair to a Greek lady and her Scottish husband. But when they go out to the theatre then dinner they discover her to be a thief. Between them they decide to punish the girl severely with the implements reserved for the task. What follows is an over the knee spanking that leaves her gasping, a harsh paddling with a leather paddle, the tawse, wooden paddle that has her howling in pain to finish with over 24 strokes of the cane.

Testing Ezabell

Video: Testing Ezabell
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Studio: Master Snaurg Productions
Ezabell is a young short haired brunette who is going to be put through the ropes, literally. She is going to be tested and tested again. You know that if she passes this test then she can do anything. Now you can see it all for yourself as she is bound suspended and abused!

Stars: Ezabell

Correctional Spanking

Video: Correctional Spanking
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Studio: California Star Productions
Stephanie snickered when the judge passed sentence on her. Thirty days in the county jail. A piece of cake, she thought. What Stephanie doesn't know is the county has adopted a new program of rehabilitation designed specifically for first offenders. The objective is to dissuade wayward young ladies from pursuing a life of crime.

The conditioning techniques employed in this program may seem a bit old fashioned to some but it has proven very effective. From day one Stephanie will suffer the humiliation and pain of having her lovely bottom stripped bare and soundly spanked under the firm hand of an expert administrator. At the conclusion of her first session, as Stephanie returns to her cell rubbing her throbbing, tender buttocks. She is struck with one terrifying thought. This is only day one!

Stars: Scarlett, Shelby, Anthony Lawton

Wrath Of Khane

Video: Wrath Of Khane
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Studio: Cheeky Video
This story is about a girl charged with prostitution, and the police have been hunting her pimp for months, so the detective thrashers her until she eventually gives up his name. The thrashing leaves her ass red, but she has learned a very valuable lesson about discipline and police work!



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