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A Punishment Lesson

Video: A Punishment Lesson
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Studio: 6666 Productions
School's in session and there's a painful lesson that our elderly instructor is going to teach three female students at the academy. By demonstration on their firm young asses, he teaches them how to be a dominatrix and how to administer whippings, spankings and paddlings!

The Governess

Video: The Governess
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Studio: California Star Productions
Two foreign college students are sure that they can take advantage of their host; Deirdre and her husband, when the couple is invited out to a party. They are surprised though, when "The Governess" arrives with instructions to discipline them if they get out of line. The pretty girls are ordered to clean up the house. Clearly unfamiliar with this type of work, they leave the house messier than before.
The Governess, clearly not a lady to mess around with, doesn't take kindly to the girls' indolence and impertinence. All to soon they find themselves across her knee for bare bottom spankings. Seeing that this is having little effect on their attitude, she brings out her leather tawse. The Governess uses it unsparingly before sending them to bed.
The lesson was not learned; because when The Governess is checking the house a short time later she finds them going through Deirdre's jewelry. For punishment she has them strip in preparation for the cane. After only a few sharp strokes, the gentleman of the house returns to this scene. Dismissing the Governess, he grabs the cane, and while berating them for their actions, fiercely uses it on them both.

Stars: Governess, Dierdre

I Married A Brat

Video: I Married A Brat
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Studio: Shadow Lane
A brand spanking new domestic discipline video from Shadow Lane "I Married A Brat" is a story about a man who marries a girl exactly half his age and learns that keeping his little minx in line can be a full time job.
First Tom finds Nancy jumping rope in the back yard instead of getting ready to go to his boss' bar-be-que. A chase ensues and Tom finally catches Nancy, turns her under his arm and spanks her, first with his hand and then with a ping-pong paddle, until she yields and promises to go and get dressed.
A few minutes later, Tom finds Nancy with her nose in a graphic novel while lazily licking an ice cream cone! (Not pictured: Nancy creaming Tom in the face with her ice cream cone.) Tom gives Nancy a second vigorous spanking to impress her with the importance of getting to his boss' home in a timely manner.
Grand Finale. Tom indignantly confronts Nancy with her embarrassing behavior at the bar-be-que and again turns her over his knee for the longest, hardest spanking yet, using not only his hand, but also a paddle, a strop and a hairbrush. In between spates of spanking, Tom stands Nancy up against the wall with her skirt up to remind her of how naughty she has been and how he intends to continue punishing her until she shows some contrition. And then he does just that!
I Married A Brat starring Gino Colletti as Tom and our newest discovery, 19-year-old Samantha Woodley as Nancy, the incorrigible brat of the title, may just become your favorite spanking movie. Samantha is a 100% real Shadow Lane girl who demands spanking hard enough to test her limits! She is also one of the most adorable imps we have ever lensed.
Severe spanking, classic scolding and the superb reactions of our lusciously beautiful young culprit add up to corporal punishment nirvana in I Married A Brat!

Stars: Samantha, Gino Coletti



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