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Group Punishments

Video: Group Punishments
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Girls in groups of two - or more - are subjected to the strictest of discipline from both the hand and leather straps! A totally hardcore glimpse into real sessions as real girls bend over and are thoroughly and properly punished in the most classic and time honored tradition of SPANKING!

Stars: Caroline, Jessica, Tiffany, Amy, Holly, Bobbi, Jill, Melanie, Brandi, Corey, Tess, Sami

Mrs. Geist’s Class

Video: Mrs. Geist's Class
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Studio: Mood Pictures
This movie is the second part in the Love trilogy. The girls in the class form two groups. Sandy has a close relationship with Mrs. Geist, but she is caught cheating during the exam. They act like lovers when Sandy tries to show Mrs. Geist that Sandy knew all the questions.
Innocent Andie receives hard punishment for her attempt by a big paddle. Andie and her friends want to take revenge, so they blackmail the rival group because they caught them smoking in the cellar. 5 strokes from each girl by a paddle make their butts painfully red. Fragile Sandy receives 50 very hard full body strokes of the belt... But it came to Mrs. Geist's knowledge and she uses her cane to show who the real boss in the class is...

Stars: Mercedes, Pokemon, Patsy Passion, Angie Vicious, Mary Runner

Domestic Discipline

Video: Domestic Discipline
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Presenting a classic female dominant-male submissive scenario starring the irrepressible Christine Justice as a working wife who finds more than one reason to strictly discipline her lazy, self indulgent, out of work husband (Harley Rowe) through the time honored means of over the knee spanking, hard paddling, merciless razor stropping and stringent birching. In the most severe corporal punishment video we've ever filmed, the sternly relentless domestic discipline and entertainingly trenchant scolding administered by an extraordinarily dominant woman to a typically negligent man will leave you gasping with astonishment yet grinning with approval. And as a special erotic bonus, Christine completes her husband's transformation from disrespectful joker to whimpering baby by forcing him to spread his buttocks and submit to an extremely harsh anal birching! The energy is through the roof in Domestic Discipline.

Stars: Harley Rowe, Christine Justice

Sisters’ Rivalry

Video: Sisters' Rivalry
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Studio: California Star Productions
Shelby is used to a life of pleasure. Since she has been living with her stepsister, she has not lifted a finger to help with household chores. She prefers to spend her days sitting around while her sister does all the work. Naturally, the atmosphere is getting quite tense between the girls. Samantha lays down the law and Shelby refuses to cooperate. So, are they at an impasse? Not quite, Samantha happens to be stronger than her younger stepsister. She is strong enough to turn Shelby over her knee for a good spanking. Shelby's defiance continues and so does the punishment. By the day's end Shelby's tender bottom is beet red. Show will not be sitting around for quite awhile.

Stars: Shelby, Samantha York



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