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The Spanking Party

Video: The Spanking Party
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
This video shows REAL EROTIC SPANKING and SEX!! When three women, all in their forties, get together with no men around, they decide to have a spanking party! They get so turned on by spanking and being spanked that they start playing with their wet pussies!! They KISS and LICK each other all over while they keep SPANKING their RED HOT BUTTS!! Watch and hear ALL THREE women have REAL ORGASMS while their bottoms are BURNING and STINGING from all the SPANKING!! Then, when one of the horny women goes home after the party, she can't wait to suck her man's HUGE COCK!!! She gives him a SUPER BLOW JOB, and she LICKS up EVERY DROP!! It's 56 minutes of SPANKING and SEX, filled with action!!

Enforcing The Rules

Video: Enforcing The Rules
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Studio: Strictly English
Julia is fed up with her flat-mate, Christina, for not doing her share of the cooking and cleaning, so she draws up a set of house rules for them both, and says that any infringements of the rules would be dealt with by corporal punishment. It's not long before Julia has to regret her proposal, when a few days later Christina tackles her about breaking the rules, and it is her on the receiving end of a sound spanking, in the days that follow. Christina manages to catch Julia breaking her own rules on several more occasions, and she becomes very adept at dealing with her. Julia can hardly complain, when it was her idea in the first place, and Christina makes very sure that the rules are strictly enforced.

Stars: Christina, Julia

Rude Awakening

Video: Rude Awakening
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Studio: Strictly English
Returning a day early from a business trip, John is furious to find his house a complete mess with what appears to be the remains of a party. He goes in search of housekeeper, Jane, finding her asleep in his bed in her panties. He wakes her with some hefty slaps to her upturned bottom
Jane is mortified that John has returned before she has had time to clear up begs him not to sack her. He proceeds to spank her for the party, but it seems that was not the only thing Jane got up to while he was away. Nearly every room contains some damning evidence and as the day proceeds Jane is punished all around the house, even naked bath.



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