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American Substitute In London_DUPLICATE LIVE UNDER 89830

Video: American Substitute In London_DUPLICATE LIVE UNDER 89830
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Miss Kelly and Miss Dasia visit London to help out with Head master at the academy. After 2 girls are caught coming in late after continually testing the substitutes. They find out the hard way that this behavior is not tolerated. The 2 subs take both girls over their knees for long hard bare-bottom hand spanking with a tawse and Leather strap, a severe wooden paddling and they both get caned until both girls are marked and blistered. and cry real tears, real please non stop spanking ball'n their eyes out!

Stars: Miss Kelly, Miss Dasia

Commanding Paige

Video: Commanding Paige
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Beautiful women and real BDSM from the devious minds at Fetish National Commanding Paige is a classic video featuring Anastasia Pierce as a demanding mistress and Paige as her dutiful slave. Anastasia begins training her slave in grace and poise, dressing her in a leather body harness and ballet boots, then guiding her through various movements and postures while balanced precariously on those 9 inch heels. Paige is rewarded with a chance to worship her mistress- both her big black strap-on cock and her gleaming thigh-high boots with beautiful pointed toes. Anastasia positions Paige on a spanking bench, then reddens her bottom while Paige begs for more. Anastasia finishes the session by instructing Paige in how to be a properly lusty sexual slave, allowing her to vibrate herself and commanding her to display her wet cunt for all to see. Paige begins to understand the true meaning of servitude when Ian arrives and Paige is required to serve two masters at once. They begin to work in tandem, Ian cropping Paige's ass while Anastasia teases her with tastes of her delicious cock, before ordering Paige to kiss her ass and lick her breasts. They tease Paige with a vibrator, bringing her just to the edge of orgasm, then tie her up securely before returning the vibrator and rewarding Paige with an orgasm. Anastasia then makes good use of her strap-on, ordering Paige to suck it before plunging it deep in her pussy. After a thorough fucking, Paige is gagged and blindfolded, and Ian begins to crop her ass while Anastasia looks on and admires while making herself cum. In the final segment, Mistress Anastasia, clad in shiny latex, uses her slave as a personal fucking machine, allowing Paige to hold a dildo while she uses it to get off.

Stars: Anastasia Pierce, Paige Richards, Ian Rath



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