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Gettin’ It From Coach Thomas

Video: Gettin' It From Coach Thomas
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
These snotty cheerleaders decide that their routines are just not up to snuff, so they ask football coach Thomas if he'll take over the squad to teach them some winning ways. But they get more than they bargained for after just their first meeting. Coach Thomas decides he'll take on the job only if the girls can withstand his brand of tough discipline: bare-bottomed spankings and paddlings! Each girl timidly accepts his challenge, and goes over his knee for their initial ass blisterings. Before long, Coach Thomas' spanking approach catches on with the girls, and they are regularly spanked and paddled after each practice, leaving them stinging, sore, but also improving athletically. The cheerleaders get so good they qualify for a regional cheering event, and are confident they can win a big trophy for Coach Thomas. Find out what's in store for these cheeky cheerleaders when things don't go exactly as planned during the competition. There are tears, red bottoms, embarrassment, and sore behinds galore when spankings become the order of the day. A delightful video for fans of cheerleaders and their deserved bare-bottomed spankings!

Greatest Clips – Tickling And Spanking Volume One

Video: Greatest Clips - Tickling And Spanking Volume One
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Studio: Passive Arts Studios
Passive Arts Studio brings you volume one of their Greatest Clips. This incredible compilation film features a great variety of fetish that any enthusiast will love. These eleven scenes feature bondage, spanking, smoking, sploshing, tickling, and more. Don't miss it!

Stars: Mistress Gemini, Mistress Erzsebet, Mistress Feral, Switch Giovanna, Submissive Alex, Submissive Tazma, Madame Jade, Switch Rose, Submissive Adele, Submissive Freddie, Submissive Keiko, Mistress D Severe

English Discipline Series – I’m Going To Punish You! Part 1 & 2

Video: English Discipline Series - I'm Going To Punish You! Part 1 & 2
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Studio: California Star Productions
Sharon and Monica manage an Inn on London's north side. And they're very good at it. When one customer discovers chewing gum in his curry, he is understandably appalled. And the girls are dismayed. One more call o the board of health will close them down. They have no choice bit to submit to the tender mercies of their angry customer. When his hands get sore from spanking their bare bottoms, he makes handy use of a large wooden spoon. Brenda has spied Miss Smith in a kinky caning session with her Latin teacher. Her curiosity proves to be her undoing. She must now appear before Miss Smith for special discipline. Since Brenda's pain is Miss Smith's pleasure, this session may take quite a long while.

Stars: Fannie McSoreley, Brian White



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