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Girly Spank Fest

Video: Girly Spank Fest
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Studio: Scorched
Have you been searching for some hardcore ass whipping? Well look no further because you're about to witness devastating and merciless ass smacking and battering fun, which will surely entertain the dark and deviant side of your sexual fantasies!! Cum see it all and be mesmerized by the strict enforcement of punishment!!

Spic ‘N’ Span

Video: Spic 'N' Span
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Studio: California Star Productions
Bellamy, head butler of the Charlton Manor, runs a tight ship. The slightest negligence on the part of a lowly scullery maid can draw the most severe penalty. And he administers his judgment with all the pomp and objectivity of a Supreme Court jurist. Punishment day is actually Bellamy's favorite day of the week. For this is the day when he faces two perfectly rounded tender young bottoms, anxiously exposed for corporal punishment. With supple wrist and deftness of stroke, Bellamy knows how to apply the precisely the correct pressure to generate maximum sting. After this session, two very lovely and tearful young ladies will return to their duties with a certain trepidation mixed with anticipation. For they know the slightest error on their part will bring swift and sure compensation. And they wouldn't have it any other way.

Stars: Shelby, Anthony Lawton, Desi DeAngelo

Behavior Modification Through Spanking

Video: Behavior Modification Through Spanking
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Studio: HydroMadam Productions
A naughty executive learns the value of Behavior Modification Through Spanking. He needs to be taught a lesson, and Mrs. Genevieve is definitely the one to do it. She first takes his temperature, then proceeds to spank him by hand. After that, she uses several paddles to turn his ass into a lovely shade of red.

Stars: Mrs. Genevive



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