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The Rehearsal

Video: The Rehearsal
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Getting ready for a big show can be a lot of work. This time it is very important that everyone does the steps correctly. There will be a big talent agent and producer in the audience. The choreographer is being judged. The two participants have been practicing for weeks. Now only a week before the show and the male ballet dancer does not know how to do the lifts. He acts as though he does not care. He is continually dropping the girl. Finally the teacher and the ballet dancer teach him a lesson for not practicing his lifts. They have no choice! They cannot replace him so they decide to spank him every time he makes a mistake. Boy did he make a lot of mistakes. His ass is left beet red, bruised and sore. He is spanked over the knee and strapped while tied to the ballet bar.

Spanking Big E 9

Video: Spanking Big E 9
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Studio: California Star Productions
Gemini is anxious for Little Meow's arrival. But when she's late there is no alternative for this disciplinarian! This naughty girl must receive both a spanking and paddling... and to make sure she receives enough punishment, she is bound against a smooth tile wall and her nipples are suctioned until both pleasure and pain are heard within her cries. This naughty girl must also be "cleansed" and Gemini leaves no stone unturned as she uses the enema to good use...

Stars: Gemini, Little Meow

Intense Fetish Volume 647 – Justine and Nicole Get Spanked

Video: Intense Fetish Volume 647 - Justine and Nicole Get Spanked
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Studio: Masterlen Productions
Scene one: Justine gets it good with a belt and a hairbrush! Then Justine gives it to Nicole for not helping her. Scene two: When Justine is late for her video shoot she learns what happens when you miss a shoot with Master Len! This is a real punishment not just acted out. See Master Len and his special guests torment and tease their slave girls and boys. These are real amateurs who want to experiment in the fetish world. The pain and pleasure are intense! No acting in this or any of Master Len's Intense fetish videos.

Stars: Nicole, Justine, Master Len

Bedroom Discipline

Video: Bedroom Discipline
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Studio: California Star Productions
When you're the only man living with two females, it is vital that you establish from the start who is in charge. Mike caught his lovely roommates pilfering his wallet. He could have turned them over to the police. But instead he has a much better idea. A good, rousing spanking on their plump behinds should leave a proper impression. Yes. Two deliciously naked female bottoms twitching and twisting beneath the resounding slap of the hand and leather paddle. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

Stars: Greta Carlson, Red Riding Hood, Mike O'Hara

Bad Girls Don’t Cry

Video: Bad Girls Don't Cry
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Studio: California Star Productions
Good help is hard to find at the office of the country's leading corporal punishment magazine. Sharon and Racey, two sexy but incompetent typists are transferred to the spanking department where their young smooth bottoms are subjected to the punishment of the slipper, the martinette, and the heavy hand. Their blistered bottoms are given baby oil rub downs between spankings. Even the ravishing, leggy assistant manager must submit her curvaceous bottom to the cane. It's a tough job. But after all, corporal punishment is their business.

Lady Of The House

Video: Lady Of The House
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Studio: New Esoteric Press, Inc
They say every dog has there day, but what if it's a human being who gets treated like the total dog? This house is far from normal, but it gets even worse once the master is whipped senseless and treated like a dog by a foreboding mistress. It also features a whole lot of men being spanked and tied up by conniving ladies.



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