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American Spanking Classics #24 – Uncle Bob

Video: American Spanking Classics #24 - Uncle Bob
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Studio: California Star Productions
In our latest classic we present "Uncle Bob" whom everyone thinks is a pushover. At least that's what Desi and Fawna think when they move in for an extended visit. But their host is a deceptively quiet man, has a fondness for bare female bottoms, which are round, firm and deep red. His young guests bottoms are almost perfect, except for the hue. Not nearly red enough it seems. But Uncle Bob knows how to change that, and it's a long, loud painful process but well worth the effort!

Stars: Fawna, Desi, Uncle Bob

Russian Slaves #39 – Cruel Plumber

Video: Russian Slaves #39 - Cruel Plumber
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Studio: Nettles Corp.

Anna and Sergei team up for this beauty as the plumber snakes over to her house to snake some drains. She looks totally whippable in those lavender stretch pants. Is that a beer tap or portable toilet?? And lovely, white panties she has on too.

Does Anna have a perfect ass. What the hell is that thing??? A Ruskie Sump pump?? Leave it to the union guy to write up a padded bill. She'll have to work three months to pay that thing off.

We're going to work this discrepancy out in trade. And it seems like a one-sided affair as buff boy starts to maul and paw at her titties. He enjoys ravishing her with his ruddy power. Gotta get those dental-floss panties off.

On her like an animal, he greedily sucks and bites her nipples and tit flesh. What a snug little pooper she has too. Man's best friend--duct tape. Secures and binds anything, girls wrists included.

Sergei is enjoying his piggish behavior as he takes an eye at that poop hole. What a panting slug he is and now a game of thumb puppets in her sphincter. Won that watch in a dice game.

Her tits are to die for. Girl must do okay to have a pool table. That has to be a broken fan belt he starts with. Welts appear and her lower cheek is seared almost open so this belt of his can turn many pulleys.

50 and she is a jumping mess on that green felt. And now he wants to kiss and make up?? She is a spotted mess. Its a ratchet strap. 17 welts and one bloody tear. And she is not done enduring.

He shoved her down into the empty pool. Naked, on cold linoleum, like some caged animal in a zoo. Running laps in her bird cage. That is probably the most damaged ass seen to date. M/f beating, humiliation, whipping, belt-ing, billiards, its all here and it all hurts. Sizzling S and M.

Felix The Lucky Slave 4

Video: Felix The Lucky Slave 4
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Studio: Noose Video Productions
Another lucky day for Felix. As our favorite slave submits to a couple of very talented New York City doms. Feisty Mistress Maxim allows Felix to worship her rubber cock, then uses his mouth and the palm of his hand as a human ash tray. After Maxim brutally binds Felix's balls, turning them purple, the soft, sensual (yet wicked) Mistress Scarlet joins the fun. As both ladies severely punish his ass with floggers and a wooden hairbrush, after torturing his nipples, Felix is restrained to the floor, where both girls trample his face, his genitals, and his body with their spiked stilettos. And when Maxim departs, Scarlet puts Felix in a straightjacket for some "intimacy" meaning she gives his stiff prick a healthy dose of clothespins, cropping, and hot candle wax, then beats the clothespins off with a crop. Ah Felix, you lucky slave.

Stars: Mistress Scarlett, Felix, Mistress Maxime


Video: Spank
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Studio: India Galaxy
"Spank" is a film dedicated exclusively to the paddling, caning and spanking of hot little Indian girls. The mistress of the bunch makes herself known immediately as she begins yanking on the hair of one of her submissive little servant sluts. Enjoy!



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