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Court Ordered Caning

Video: Court Ordered Caning
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Studio: California Star Productions
Sir Nik has been sent by the courts to deal with two very bag young women. Delinquent, they have violated probation on felony accounts, and instead of jail time they have agreed to receive corporal punishment. Lillith is punished first with over the knee hand spankings. As he coyly pulls her panties down to expose her soft pink skin, that skin is soon turned bright red with the administration of a paddle. After a larger wooden paddle and a leather strap the caning is then given. Giving her six hard strokes with the cane she counts them out as they mark her reddened bottom. Even has the misfortune of popping her head though the door while in the midst of all this. It's her turn now, but Sir Nik finds out that she enjoys spanking, and he vows to give her an even more robust turn at the cane than Lillith had received. And so it is, though the entire gamut of props. She too is finished with a very robust caning. He is enjoying his job very much!

Stars: Sir Nik, Eve, Lillith

Spanked, Paddled & Caned 3

Video: Spanked, Paddled & Caned 3
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Studio: Michael Kahn Productions
The latest from Michael Kahn Productions, Spanked, Paddled, Caned 3! Watch as three hot, slutty young girls get more than they bargained for by signing up to do this movie. From pain will come pleasure for these young tramps. Or will it be more pain than they can handle? Watch and find out!



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