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American Spanking Classics #22: Sisters Rivalry

Video: American Spanking Classics #22: Sisters Rivalry
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Studio: California Star Productions
Shelby is used to a life of leisure. Since she has been living with her step sister, samantha, she has not lifted one finger to help with the household chores. She prefers to spend her day sitting around while her older sister does all the work. Naturally, the atmosphere is getting quite tense between the girls. Samanthat lays down the lay. Shelby refuses to cooperate. So they are at an impasse? Not quite. Samantha happens to be somewhat stronger than her younger sister. She's strong enough to turn Shelby over her knee for a good sound spanking. Shelby's defiance continues. And so does the punishment. By day's end Shelby's tender bottom is beet red. She won't be "sitting around" for quite a while.

Stars: Samantha, Shelby

Mike Spanks Ciadra

Video: Mike Spanks Ciadra
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
Mike gives Ciadra the spanking of her LIFE!! And it really hurts!! He uses his hand, hairbrush, cane, belt, and PADDLE on her burning red hot BARE BUTT!! He spanks her as hard as he can, while she kicks, struggles, and SCREAMS in real PAIN!! She puts up a real fight, and wiggles off of his lap, so he grabs her, bends her over the couch, pins her wrists behind her back, and REALLY LETS HER HAVE IT!! They both get really mad, and you wonder if he's ever going to stop!! It's a 43-minute non-stop SEVERE SPANKING that you'll never forget! And neither will she!!

Stars: Mike, Ciadra

06.22 – Spanking

Video: 06.22 - Spanking
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Studio: India Galaxy
There's no crying in porn! As these young Indian girls find out that tears just get them more licks from the paddle. Our femdom is not much older than her teen submissives who stop laughing when the paddle comes out! Slapped, pulled, sat upon and shoved - these two end up not with red asses but with red tits and stomachs!!



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