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Mistress Katya – Ass Bashing

Video: Mistress Katya - Ass Bashing
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Studio: DOM Promotions
Mistress Katya seems so gentle with the restraints, but she knows exactly what she's doing. She starts off with a little spanking. Does she have what it takes? Then she goes on with a good caning! But that's not nearly it. Her stiff leather paddle sets a cracking smack echo through the room! Can you take it?

Stars: Mistress Katya

English Spanking Room 104

Video: English Spanking Room 104
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Studio: Gotham Gold
After catching his thick beauty knuckle deep in her own pussy Sir Edward goes mid-evil on her ass. Whips, canes and bare hand spankings are the order of the day and Edward has brought Juliana along to enjoy the fun. These two never heard of a "safety word" and don't stop till those cheeks are raw.

Stars: Juliana, Luscious, Bella, Sir Edward

Mistress K: Ass Torture

Video: Mistress K: Ass Torture
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Studio: DOM Promotions
If you want a quickie before going on to something else you might want to check this out, it's a short film on ass torture and Mistress K is the only person that knows how to deliver such painful but pleasurable moments. We all hope you enjoy this film and enjoy all of the spanking and whipping!!!

Stars: Mistress K

Faces Of Payne

Video: Faces Of Payne
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Studio: London Enterprises Video
The Dominatrix of Dominatrixes, Alexis Payne, is the focus of this video. See how she works her magic as the sensual Mistress to the cruel and powerful who doesn't like to be double crossed. Mistress Alexis Payne, Mai Lee, Desi D'Angelo, Alex Jordan, Isadora Rose, Summer Knight, Terry Diver, Ashley Renee, Star Chandler and more!

Stars: Alex Jordan, Star Chandler, Ashley Renee, Summer Knight, Alexis Payne, Desi D'Angelo, Mai Lee, Isadora Rose, Terry Diver



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