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Dilated & Penetrated Vol.A

Video: Dilated & Penetrated Vol.A
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
In this sequence Annie is sent back to the Dr. by her live in girlfriend for some more stretching. Her girlfriend was happy and wants her to be opened up some more so she can use a strap on with her. So I have brought my nurse Daisa in for the day to help with this procedure. At first Annie is adamant and gives us both a hard time so she is given a good spanking before the procedure with included her vagina being cleaned then stretched then fucked with a strap on.

Stars: Annie, Daisa

Art Canvas Caning

Video: Art Canvas Caning
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Studio: California Star Productions
Mistress Erzebet and Sir Nik, college art curators, are on the prowl for several students whom they suspect of forging artwork and selling them as originals.
Confronting them they are given choices. Either suffer some rudimentary discipline or spend time with the local authorities. Discipline of course is preferred, as Erzebet and Nik begin, skirts are tossed and hand spanking is begun. Implements are brought in and each woman is given her punishment of choice. Their behinds redden as their tears and crescendo's of cries increase. Finally Erzebet brings out the wooden cane and expressly uses it across their already pink bottoms. Sir Nik watches as the hard and furious can increases the quantity of stripes across their formerly white derriere. They wont be selling forges art work to anyone else!

Stars: Sir Nik, Mistress Erzebet

English Spanking Classic #26: Spanking Interviews I & II

Video: English Spanking Classic #26: Spanking Interviews I & II
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Studio: California Star Productions
We combine "Spanking Interview 1" and "Spanking Interview II", two half hour videos to get double the pleasure. In order to get a job working for a spanking magazine several young ladies must be subjected to a sound spanking turning their bottoms beet red. They all try to "take it properly" in order to get the job. Their red sore buns are subjected to blow after blow and you get to see the results!

Mistress Pamela Payne: A World Of Payne

Video: Mistress Pamela Payne: A World Of Payne
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Studio: Edge Interactive
The Queen of Dominance is Princess Pamela Payne. Enter a world where the beautiful Mistress rules over all men. A world where they serve her every whim with willing abandon and love. A world where they are punished for the slightest mistake or oversight, or even for no reason at all except the Princess wishes to do so. A World of Payne!
The Princess starts her day when David, one of her houseboys wakes her, bathes and worships her feet, and helps her dress. But the poor boy forgets her foot basin and then the annoyed Princess discovers the slave quarters mess., David receives a severe bare-bottom smacking! Next the gardener is caught using the front door, before he can explain she hangs him up right there in the front hall. He is whipped and put through severe cock torture he won't soon forget. The last stop on the tour of her inspect is the poolroom.
What she sees there is far blow her standards. This slave is bound and trussed on the very pool table he was supposed to clean. The cruel Mistress delights in her expert ministration of the whip! All the slaves have learned what it is like to live in A World of Payne!

Stars: Princess Pamela Payne, David Sacher, Danny Blow, Moose Malloy

Intense Fetish Volume 642 – Chrisma Caught And Punished

Video: Intense Fetish Volume 642 - Chrisma Caught And Punished
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Studio: Masterlen Productions
See Master Len and his special guests torment and tease their slave girls and boys. These are "real amateurs" who want to experiment in the fetish world! The pain and pleasure are intense! No acting in this or any of Master Len's Intense Fetish Videos.
Charisma fins out Master Len means business when she's caught and punished for breaking the rules. Hardcore Fetish at it's best!!!

Stars: Charisma, Master Len



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