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Baltimore Brat 2

Video: Baltimore Brat 2
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
2009 AVN Award Nominee for Best Spanking Release

2008 AVN Award Winner for Best Spanking Release.

Once again Annie has been misbehaving. This time I received a letter from her girlfriend Maya. She is tired of her girlfriends being snotty, being neglected sexually and just being a bad girl. She e-mailed me asking for my help. I could not refuse so I made the trip and it was worth it. We both spanked, strapped, hairbrushed and paddled little Annie's ass good and hard. Maya decided since she has been neglected she was going to take Annie the way she always wanted with a strap-on up her ass after making her lick her asshole. This tape is full of old fashioned spanking, strapping paddling, anal worship, anal fucking and light fleet enemas, lots of humiliation. One of my best tapes. Running time about an hour.

Stars: Maya, Annie

Bad Girl Spankings: Lazy Tramps

Video: Bad Girl Spankings: Lazy Tramps
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Studio: Fantasy Content
These two tramps need to be punished for their lazy ways! They have been bad girls and it's time to receive their spankings. They resist at first, but soon realize that these spankings are what they truly want and what they truly need! Watch as their pleasure increases with the redness of those tender ass cheeks!

Ariel’s Spanking Surprise

Video: Ariel's Spanking Surprise
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Studio: Michael Kahn Productions
This video presents us with the tall and sexy Ariel who has responded to a newspaper ad apparently for a spanking video. She shows up looking very professional and courteous. After a little big of chitchat, the clothes are off exposing her beautiful young body and ass, which promptly get spanked until it's cherry red.

Stars: Ariel

Kym Wilde Ocean View

Video: Kym Wilde Ocean View
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Studio: B & D Pleasures
From the coastal waters of Southern California, to a beach house near Malibu, Kym Wilde shares memories of love and bondage. But the fantasies have become too intense for Kym. First the games of unseal suspension, and other women. Next, and additional man, the whips, and some wax. She had to leave. Now, the memories of that pleasure have caused Kym to return and she retraces her steps. To that door of love and pain that she remembers so well. And she's back, and he's in big trouble. This time Kym decides that she'll wipe that smug look off his face once and for all! This video has everything!

Stars: Kym Wilde, Alex Jordan, Kelly O'Dell, Justin Case, Shawn Ricks

Soft & Severe

Video: Soft & Severe
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Studio: Galaxy Productions
Prepare yourself for an intimate journey into bondage. A master whip and bounds, yet also loving caresses and hold his slave at the same time. Even though its a harsh, each strike of the whip is filled with tender loving care. He takes off his slave's shirt and puts it over her head so she can't fully witness his dominance. Afterwards he bounds her to a chair and continues the painful session.

Nasty Habits

Video: Nasty Habits
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Studio: Bizarre Video
In Nasty Habit you get a few beautiful nuns and frisky little priest! These nuns get bent over and spanked pretty damn good. For over forty minutes of total nun-stop spanking action. You can't ask much more then that. So come on in and get rid of some of those Nasty Habits or pick up a few new ones! Whatever floats your boat!



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