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School For Spanking – Day One

Video: School For Spanking - Day One
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Studio: California Star Productions
Ivy and Isabel have been sent to detention hall for vandalizing school property. They think it will be a piece of cake until they realize that their usual teacher has been replaced by Mistress Gemini, a strict disciplinarian. She proceeds quickly to their punishment, with hand spankings, and a paddling with wooden spoons. Leather straps and canes are also used to redden their soft and pale behinds. Not only will they stop vandalizing, but they will also be taught to act like proper young women. And Mistress Gemini is just the ticket!

Stars: Isabel, Ivy, Mistress Gemini

The Fetish Zone #2 – Blackmailed & Sissified

Video: The Fetish Zone #2 - Blackmailed & Sissified
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Studio: Ignite Video Productions
Welcome to a place where beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the booty and beauty are both being held in the hands of Mistress Chantz Fortune. Don't cross this twisted bitch unless you are prepared to be blackmailed and sissified and the taught to walk, talk, suck, fuck and swallow cum like a girl!!!

Stars: Chantz Fortune, Joanne The Sissy, Juliette The Sissy


Video: Sadism
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Studio: Vinyl Queen
If you've ever wondered what it's like to have a BDSM session with a true sadist, this video is for you. Vinyl Queen thoroughly enjoys making her slaves HURT. "Sadism" illustrates that via two of her favorite activities: corporal discipline and cockbox torture.

Vinyl Queen begins by torturing her slave with her shoes and bare feet in the cockbox. He has experienced this type of agony before, but what he's not expecting is the cigarette torture that follows...

Vinyl Queen reclines on top of the box and leisurely enjoys a cigarette while her slave must endure regular applications of the hot, red cherry to his cock and balls. As if that weren't enough, Vinyl Queen then makes him submit to various implements she wields at his backside without a warm-up. Vinyl Queen is truly a premier sadist!

Stars: Vinyl Queen



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