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Im Angesicht des Teufels

Video: Im Angesicht des Teufels
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Studio: Genuine Films

Batten down the hatches. Another "black label" entry so you know the growers of this one are right out of "altered states." Where is that German--English dictionary?? Now, "des Teufels" is "the devils" so fill in the rest. And back to the factory we go so the Genuine version of "metal stamping and plating" will be in full view.

The Entertainment Factory--clever. Stars "Fritz the Towmotor." Batman watches from the steps as the hooded pervert starts the fork lift. And what a lovely passenger he has. An older, hot blonde who looks like the teacher you always wanted to wanker to.

Very hot M.I.L.F. here. Frightened and terrified of batboy as she is going to be made very dirty. Pinchable, cropable titties with huge nipples, golf tee like nipples. She is flogged through her skin-tight, black pants. She grovels upon the plywood.

Up go those forks. She almost faints so one can imagine what entertainment awaits here. Cuffed and strung up to the forks, she is now trussed and suspended off the ground. Just dangling and swinging there like the prized piece of meat she is.

Toes cannot touch the ground and her shoulders could rip out at the neck. Lovely black panties, thong. Allowed to stand on her knee-high, black, spiked-heeled boots, her snug fanny is flogged to her whimpering sighs of pain.

Crumbling in a heap after being dropped to the floor, the beatings continue. She is adorable,-- nice, light tan. Now collared and shackled, she is learning subservience and discipline.

That ass should be kissed and licked, not cropped and beat, wrong movie. Perfect, tight rump. She's now buckling at the blows. Neck chain dangles. Twin torture, crop, then flogger, then repeat, hard and quick. He's really stepping into these swats.

She's dancing like a ballerina. She must hold the implements, outstretched while batman aims the steel forks right at her forehead. Thrown back on the floor, face down, he really beats her ass senseless now. Howl, shriek, spread, twitch, jump, sprawl, how much can she absorb????

This sadistic fuck is brutalizing her. Right on the face, snaps her around. This is one you want to rescue. What's in the glass??? She has fainted from the abuse but refuses drink. They both sip from it, so its not battery acid.

Panties down. She must inhale her own stench, dangled from the crop. Shaved close, she must stink pretty. Back on the flying carpet, doggie style, for more of the above. Look at that lovely, arched bald pussy, oh this is sweet.

Something real sinister is about to happen here. Rachet straps??? Hogtied and dragged like a piece of garbage. The towmotor now does its dirtiest work. That green strap will be the lift to hoist her skyward on the fork. Now there is some meat on the hoof. He gams her with his dirty mouth. Only way this prick can get his mouth on any girls' privates.

She does look pretty and helpless, swinging there with the nipple chains. Guess she's pretty helpless. Rapid tittie flogging. Finally, put down and untied. Still not broken of will and spirit. She's a tough broad.

She tries to cower away from him, but her flanks are found by the lash. She is getting delirious now. The filthy bastard covers her and starts to kiss her. She faints again. More hard scourging.

Time for another ride. Human hang gliding, this could work. Cropping and scourging, one after the other to a steady beat. Hugs.? Just can't resist tanning that ass of hers.

She's shrieking like she's in "Scary Movie." There must be over 200 strokes in this one. An open cut appears on her right upper thigh. Twist and shout. How can this shithead batter such a lickable ass?? Might be closer to 300 now.

He beat her unconscious. Oh, its like this was all a dream.? Start that out with "once upon a time." Scourging on the steel steps. This fuck is out of control. And the beatings continue, face down on the rug. Talk to the hand.

If he's trying to work the "Stockholm Syndrome" here, he ain't getting it. This was just plain brutal. Don't nature walk near factories.

Fritz the Towmotor gets an AVN/Hot Movies award for "best machine actor in an S & M flick,". Girl has to be considered for best subbie to take a prolonged whipping, and Batman just gets asshole of the year.


Video: Plunge-Her
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Claire is a hot redhead college girl. Ariel is a timid young brunette who is desperate to get in to the sorority in which Claire belongs. As a last step in her sorority initiation, Ariel got sent over to Claire, who'll be administering a long hazing.

While Ariel leans over the Jacuzzi, Claire sneaks up behind her and pulls down her sweatpants! That's the opening shot of the hazing! Next, Claire gives Ariel an over-the-knee spanking. Meanwhile, she undresses her, though Ariel is very shy and resists. When the panties come off, a deliciously red butt is revealed. Claire spanks her some more with a brush. Ariel's butt becomes very red... Claire completely undresses Ariel, and stuffs her panties into her mouth, in spite of Ariel's resistance. She continues paddling her, and stops only when the brush is beginning to break through the skin. Ariel's butt is now so red and sore that she needs applications of a cold cloth!

Ariel's hazing to join the sorority takes a strange turn. Claire brings out 2 toilet plungers and small beach ball. First, Claire teases Ariel by using the toilet plungers' suction cups against her butt cheeks and on her tits. Then Claire shoves the handle of the plunger into Ariel's pussy! Finally, Claire attaches the toilet plunger's suction cup to the small beach ball, making a "unicorn-like head", which she makes Ariel straddle - and impale her pussy on!!

Stars: Ariel, Claire



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