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Video: Spank-O
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Studio: Scorched
Do you want to see some rosy-red rumps? Well, these women get bent over backwards by a stunning Dominatrix who spanks and whips their asses until the welts starts to rise. A must-see video for those of you who love to spank and be spanked. Enjoy the show, spank fiends!!

Geknechtet Bis Zum Umfallen

Video: Geknechtet Bis Zum Umfallen
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Studio: Mega-Film
Bondage was never so IN! This shows a wide array of bondage practices, techniques and situations. If you like to see some red-hot asses, this is for you. You can see how these asses are abused and disciplined by the master spanker. Don't miss the German hot wax treatment, either!

English Punishment Series #40

Video: English Punishment Series #40
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Studio: California Star Productions
In our latest compilation we include Tandori stripes/the experiment about two beautiful women who having skipped their bill are metered out a suitable punishment by the owner. And in the experiment a discipline expert has to teach her boss' daughter the error of her ways. In canned for the gallery a patron accepts a lower price for his art work when he is able to cane the two beautiful assistants who come to close the deal. In aroused by the cane/spanked by daddy Leon is caught with the two hired hands that receive a severe caning by the furious wife. And in spanked by daddy an errant daughter is caned by her father when she is caught lying about her attendance. And finally in caned in the backroom a nightclub owner must punish several of the women who have refused to pay him a suitable cut of their income.

Stars: Lorna Lace, Avalon Kassani, Becca Bailey



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