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Open Bondage Auditions – Darian Caine

Video: Open Bondage Auditions - Darian Caine
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Studio: Vixen Video Productions
A hard dose of reality bondage is what awaits sultry brunette model Darian Caine when she walks into the office of New York casting director Mister Stewart. Although Darian is known to many from her magazine layouts and movies, she will be tested today like any other aspiring actresses in order to work for this daunting taskmaster. Chatty game, and quick witted she is stripped down and subjected to the full range of his arsenal of pain. Her firm round breasts and equally round butt are assaulted via spankings, clamps, clothespins, and tape.

Cheerful in the beginning, her mood changes drastically when she is blindfolded and paddled repeatedly both front and rear, practically exploding in front of the camera from the combination of pain and pleasure. Dare she subject herself to more of this harsh treatment in the future or will this be just her one-time date with decadence?

Stars: Darian Caine

Your Suffering Makes Me Wet

Video: Your Suffering Makes Me Wet
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Amber describes her day out and about in her mini skirt and heels. She orders her slave, cucky, to crawl for some foot worship. She then attaches the ball crusher and screws it down tight on his nuts. Good point of view from between his legs as she tightens the wing nuts, crushing his balls. She applies two clothespins to the tip of his cock and then proceeds to try and kick them off. She also uses a cock whip to cause pain to his large genitals. As she works on the slut, she is constantly touching herself and becoming more and more aroused as he starts to suffer. The suffering has only begun...
Using both a small penis whip and a larger slapper, Mistress Amber starts to work on the slave's penis shaft while his balls are squeezed tight in the ball crusher. Smacking his cock makes her moan with pleasure. She uses her spike heels to kick his cock from side to side. She then has him drop his head and kicks him repeatedly in the head side to side. The camera moves between his legs from behind as we see her dainty hand playing with her pussy. The viewer gets a close up of the whip striking his cock over and over. She takes the large slapper to his cock and then spreads her gorgeous legs. She orders cucky to put his face against her panties and sniff her wet pussy as she strikes his ass with the slapper.
Mistress Amber orders cucky to go under the ass worship chair. After a bit of stomping, she sits herself down and positions her beautiful young ass in cucky's face. He is spread out with the ball crusher attached. Mistress Amber grabs her 'pocket rocket' vibrator and begins to use it on her clit, moaning in pleasure. Wanting more stimulation, she takes a large red whip and begins to whip cucky's cock. It seems the more she hurts him, the hotter it makes her. The combination of cock torture and the vibrator cause her to start to cum and it seems she just can't stop! She orgasms over and over! As she does, her pussy juices flow and the glorious scent of her honey pot makes cucky's cock start to stand at attention. The whipping his cock is taking makes it difficult, but his erection continues to grow as she climaxes over and over. No satisfaction for him, however, as he is simply there to be used!
Mistress Amber, clad in a leather bikini and high heels, tortures her slave cucky with a cigarette. He is in complete bondage with hands chained together and hung and a spreader bar holding his legs wide apart. This allows her complete access to his helpless cock and balls. As she burns his nipples and cock, Mistress Amber finds herself getting wet again. The more cucky suffers, the hotter she gets! She moves between his legs and starts to beat his cock and balls while playing with her pussy. Moaning in pleasure, she orgasms again. The now insatiable Mistress Amber then takes her 'pocket rocket' vibrator and moves to cucky's head. She makes him hold the vibrator in his teeth and straddles his face. Sitting hard on the vibrator, she continues to beat his cock and balls with the slapper. Her orgasms seem endless as he suffers below her succulent pussy. The vibrator slips from his teeth and finally breaks her mood. She curses him and slaps his face hard and decides to take a break from all the climaxes she has reached at his expense.
The beautiful Mistress Amber has climaxed so many times she can't count. They've come hard and fast because her slave has been suffering intensely. We find ourselves in the bathroom with her watching as she takes a pee break. She orders your face into the toilet for a 'nectar whirly' and flushes. Returning to the dungeon and her slave in strict bondage, Mistress Amber positions herself between his legs and removes her high heels. After all the punishment his cock and balls have taken, it is a miracle his dick is functioning at all. Under her feet, however, he has no problem getting aroused. She pours on baby oil and massages his cock between her feet and toes. Getting him excited, she decides she has done enough work and is exhausted from so many orgasms. She grabs the vibrator and informs him she will let the machine do the milking. She fastens his shaft between her feet and applies the large vibrator to his cock head. He begs for permission to release, it is granted, and his cum flows from the tip of his cock and pools beneath her beautiful feet.

Stars: slave cucky, Mistress Amber

Submit To Mistress Lola

Video: Submit To Mistress Lola
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Studio: Galaxy Productions
And with her Easter basket?? A heavily-dosed up, bleached blonde,-the type of domme you see in the mags, and slut boy is already in the doggie position waiting to be used. Each mistress has her own way of doing things and Ms. Lola is no different. She likes the tight ass cheeks as she slaps them for a tune up. A whole box of latex gloves, she is going to be trenching in this one.

Stars: Mistress Lola



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