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Caned In Wet Panties Three

Video: Caned In Wet Panties Three
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Studio: California Star Productions
Two school bullies Williams and Mason have come to the attention of their headmistress. She decides that, due to the fact that corporal punishment is no longer allowed in her school, the best course of action is to reprimand them to the complaining parent. Mrs. Fairclough promises to deal with the girls more efficiently and effectively than the school can even imagine. When the girls arrive at the apartment, they are put through some humiliating punishments with some very hard hand spanking. Then a paddling, which is a prelude to her favorite style of punishment: hard caning across their soaking wet panties. This has been known to make the sting of the cane even more evident! They quickly pull their panties down for a few thwacks across their bare bottoms. They promise never to bully again!

Schoolgirl’s Anal Surprise: Punishment Can Be Pleasure

Video: Schoolgirl's Anal Surprise:  Punishment Can Be Pleasure
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
A schoolgirl, driven by curiosity, goes to see the headmaster of the reform school where some of her classmates recently got punished. She is curious to find out what exactly happened to them - and why they said they got a little turned on during their punishment. She discovers a world where punishment and pleasure intermingle, and she learns about spanking, enemas (including orange-juice enemas!), bondage, suppositories, sybians, watersports, "drilldos", caning and a lot more!

Stars: Ivy, A Wizard of Ass



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