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Cause For Caning – An Impromptu Spanking

Video: Cause For Caning - An Impromptu Spanking
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Studio: California Star Productions
Anna & Emma have only been in their flat for a few weeks when they accidentally set fire to their kitchen cabinets. Anna phones the landlord and finds him in quite a mood when she wakes him up. Fearing his wrath, she lies and says that the fire had spread from the flat below. When he arrives to survey the damage and finds out the truth, his mood turns even more foul! Anticipating that the young women weren't telling the truth, he has brought with him a few "painful-looking" implements to use on them to get at the truth. The women are put through a variety of beatings and then made to hold up each other for the final severe canings!

Visiting an art gallery, Tony is intrigued by the attractive proprietress. He is interested in Corporal Punishment and immediately buys up her entire selection of items having to do with that subject. Sensing her personal interest in C.P., he suggests they partake in their own private session!

Stars: Anna, Tony, Emma

Dry Run

Video: Dry Run
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Studio: California Star Productions
Two complacent farm girls get more than they bargained for when the landowner propositions them into appearing at the local county fair's Caning Competition. This is a great annual tradition in the countryside and one that carries great prestige! The landowner is determined to get it right this year, since he received no trophies at all in last year's event. With that in mind, he suggests that the girls go to his personal library a few days ahead of time, in order to have a DRY RUN, and to iron out any problems. He soon learns that the girls are able to endure sixty savage strokes each with very little complaint. It is then he becomes confident of his soon to be success!

Therapist – Alternative Lifestyles of the Bad & Needy

Video: Therapist - Alternative Lifestyles of the Bad & Needy
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Studio: California Star Productions
Three troubled young ladies visit their therapist who specializes in alternative life styles. These eager young ladies give their asses over to their trusted therapist. They get spanked and slapped until their ass cheeks turn bright red! They leave with glowing red bottoms and smiles of contentment. Enjoy!

Messy Indian Food Fun

Video: Messy Indian Food Fun
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Studio: India Galaxy
A quick trip to the fridge reveals a fresh unopened carton of ice cream and devilish minds can't resist the temptation to make a sticky mess with it. Well, stronger heads prevail when the head mistress walks in and catches these two little troublemakers covered in a white sticky mess. You would think that she would join in on the fun, but, no way, this is completely against the rules and something must be done to teach these misfits a lesson!



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