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Spanking Big E

Video: Spanking Big E
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Studio: California Star Productions
Spanking, caning and paddling plus controlled Enema Punishment! Check out these two ladies that take the severe punishment and beg for more. Our cute redhead gets the extreme punishment (just check out the welts and red marks) but keeps on taking it all the way to the controlled enema. This is definitely a must see!

Late On Arrival

Video: Late On Arrival
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Studio: California Star Productions
When the new model, Heather, arrived late for a shoot, Megan, a very demanding glamor photographer, was understandably furious. To Heather, this was just another photography session. What difference did it make if they started a little late? Her cavellier attitude quickly changed when Megan threatened to report this to the agency. The incident could look bad on the young model's record. She might even lose her job. Rather than risk unemployment, Heather would be willing to submit to anything Megan requires. The poor girl is shocked when the photographer insists on a session of discipline in which the spoiled model must endure a bare bottomed spanking. Reluctantly she presents her pink posterior for punishment. But as far as Megan is concerned, one spanking just won't do. Before this session is over, Heather's throbbing bottom will be a constant reminder to her of the importance of punctuality.

Stars: Natasha, Angella Faith

Trashed & Thrashed

Video: Trashed & Thrashed
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Studio: California Star Productions
Trashed and Thrashed:

Our English landlady decides to pay a visit on two of her most incorrigible tenants. Entering inside the apartment she finds it a mess, literally trashed. Furious, she demands her monthly rental payment and finds that the two girls are given a choice. Either return home with her or receive corporal punishment and lessons on how to maintain a home or get put in the street. They agree to take the thrashing and it begins with a sound spanking on bare bottoms. She then proceeds with both the use of a paddle and finally the cane. When asked to take cleaning rags and begin a thorough cleanup they look at her in amazement and exclaim 'What are we supposed to do with these?' It seems that additional punishment will be needed to get these two girls to understand the true meaning of responsibility.

Real Punishment Spanking

Video: Real Punishment Spanking
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
This is the one you've been waiting for!! This naughty young lady takes an absolutely real over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking for driving drunk and lying! Part of her punishment is having to take her spanking on tape, for the whole world to see! And we're the ones who get to show it to you! YOU can be part of her punishment by witnessing her well-deserved extremely painful embarrassing spanking!! He spanks her so hard and so long, with his hand and hairbrush that she's bawling and blubbering like a baby, with real tears rolling down her cheeks and dripping onto the floor!! She apologizes again and again, but her spanking doesn't end until he's sure she'll never misbehave like that again!! You'll see close-ups of her hot stinging RED bare bottom and her crying face, as her spanking goes on and on and on! It's non-stop SPANKING, hard, long, and absolutely REAL!!! A very rare spanking masterpiece!!

Bad Head Master

Video: Bad Head Master
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Studio: California Star Productions
Miss Miles sends two naughty girls in to see the Head Master for punishment. They both receive a sound spanking and are sent back to class. Unfortunately for these two they choose to steal the Headmistress's car instead. Now Hays and Clark will receive stern corporal punishment. Heavy use of the paddle and limber birch cane across their bare behinds soon brings tears of repentance from them. The Headmistress, still angry at having her car stolen, encourages the Head Master to spank them harder. She then surprises him further by requesting a sound spanking for herself also.

Stars: Clark, Miss Miles, Hays

Artistic Impression

Video: Artistic Impression
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Studio: California Star Productions
While posing for an art student Jessica, at the local college, the colonel is getting irritated by the long wait, as he has a luncheon date with his American friend Lilly. Jessica notices his pervying eyes scouring up and down her body and getting that feeling that he is undressing her with his eyes. She decides not to paint his portrait, but a line of girls being caned. After searching the school Lilly comes in, sees what is going on and reports to the Colonel what Jessica is painting. The Colonel is furious and lectures the girl on her bad ways. He searches around the art studio and finds a birch and a cane and uses them with Lilly, to good effect. As a bonus while punishing the girls the old soldiers harp back to a day when they had a reunion in a pub with Johnny, the Tank Commander. Quite by accident the bar girl and a pretty Red Cross Charity Collector happened to be giving the boys too much cheek that day, which resulted in their knickers being pulled down and hard smacks being administered to their bare bottoms.

Stars: Lilly, Jessica, Colonel

Rich Little Bitches

Video: Rich Little Bitches
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Studio: California Star Productions
Gia and Regency are totally amused at the thought of being sent to a disciplinarian school. What could their parents be thinking? As college age girls they can just do what they please. Or so they thought! When they meet the stern Gemini their gales of laughter are quickly turned into tears as she begins to spank Talia, first by hand. Gemini tells Gia that it's her turn next as she notices her laughter at Talia's pain. But Gia's turn comes soon enough as she too is hand spanked. The leather strap is soon brought out and swung against their bare bottoms. Then the paddle, and finally the cane is used against their already reddened bottoms. Taking a short break Gemini leaves momentarily. Upon returning she finds them outside chatting up a naughty boy. Chasing him off she realizes that they need further lessons. School is back in session, but this time their inner thighs are reddened. When she finally sends them off to do chores she knows that they will be doing what she says.

Stars: Gia Regency, Gemini



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