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Bondage Boot Camp

Video: Bondage Boot Camp
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Studio: London Enterprises Video
A "Campy" look at what a military style "BootCamp" could be like for some make believe sex slaves. Six gorgeous girls are brought into Camp and welcomed by the Commandant "General Disorder" and his assistant "Major Disaster".

After welcoming the girl to camp the General puts them through some order drills and some unusual commands that are designed to show those beautiful bodies at their best. In a barracks - like area the girls submit to the female version of a short arms inspection. The commandant has them play with themselves and after the inspection the girls turn into a orgy. When the commandant finds them in unauthorized play he sends them all to the stockade where they are bound to a wall rack and whipped and tormented by the General and the Major.

After spending the night in the stockade the girls are run through the obstacle course, where these fiendishly designed devices are specially created to show all the girls' bodies as they perform these strenuous tasks. Shot with two cameras from the most advantageous angles this is really a treat for the eyes. Finally their ordeal is over and the cadet recruits are given a chain around their neck and sent out to find more recruits for the Bondage Boot Camp!

Stars: Justine, Danielle, Renee Summers, Ona Zee, Ernest Green, Tiana Cambidge, Alison Kaye, Frankie Flowers, Stevie B.

Naughty Frat Boy

Video: Naughty Frat Boy
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
This guy gets BLISTERED!! He shouldn't have dropped that class without asking his fraternity housemother. So now he PAYS the PRICE!! Ms. Kay SCOLDS and SPANKS this poor guy until he learns his LESSON! She uses her HAND, PADDLES, and HAIRBRUSHES on his sorry BUTT, over her KNEE, bent over, and over a cushion. He takes an extremely HARD SPANKING that makes him SQUIRM, KICK, and GROAN in REAL PAIN!! It's not often that you see a grown man get a REAL SPANKING, especially from an ANGRY WOMAN who won't stop until he gets what he deserves!

Stars: Ms. Kay

Real Discipline Spanking

Video: Real Discipline Spanking
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
Another spanking masterpiece!! Once again, we have a naughty young lady who agrees to take an absolutely real over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking!! She really believes that she NEEDS a good spanking! And she really gets what she asks for!! Watch her kick, struggle, yelp, and CRY REAL TEARS as she wiggles her smooth shapely bottom and writhes in excruciating PAIN while she takes a LONG HARD hot stinging SPANKING!! He scolds her endlessly as her SPANKING goes on and on. It's 48 minutes of scolding and SPANKING, hard, long, and absolutely REAL!!! This should be part of everyone's collection! A very rare spanking masterpiece!!

Vacation Spanking

Video: Vacation Spanking
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
This adorable young lady is so cute and bubbly that you'll fall in love with her right away! But she has a little problem with her memory when she's on vacation, so her husband has to give her a little "reminder." And his idea of a little reminder is a LONG HARD OVER-THE-KNEE BARE-BOTTOM SPANKING!!! Boy, does he let her have it!! Watch the TEARS roll down her cheeks!!



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