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Madame Bridgette Administers A Spanking

Video: Madame Bridgette Administers A Spanking
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Studio: Scorched
Little Charlotte has been a very bad schoolgirl and when Madame Bridgette gets a hold of her, there will be hell to pay at the Wayward School of Little Girl Runaways. Little Charlotte's bottom is spanked so hard it turns beet red and she screams in pain...or is it pleasure? To be sure that Charlotte has truly learned her lesson, Madame Bridgette forces toys of pleasure into Charlotte's pussy and anus. Bad Little Charlotte, very naughty!

Stars: Charlotte, Madame Bridgette

Private School Spankings

Video: Private School Spankings
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
At this private school for girls, SPANKING is a way of life. But one teacher likes to fondle the girls while she spanks them! When the PRINCIPAL finds out, it's the teacher's turn to get spanked!! And this female PRINCIPAL really knows how to SPANK another woman!! Watch this strong woman SPANK the older woman so hard and so long that she starts whimpering with real tears in her eyes! And THEN, the same naughty 18-year-old student gets an over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking from the principal that has her kicking, begging, apologizing, and crying!!! Watch her bare bottom turn BRIGHT RED from the endless hot stinging spanks from the principal's bare hand. But that's not all! You'll see paddling, and yet another over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking of the student by the much older teacher, using her hand and a hard stiff ruler!

Are You A Student or a Bitch?

Video: Are You A Student or a Bitch?
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Studio: Scorched
"Are you a student or a bitch?" These are the words that Professor Maxwell utters before he unleashes a storm of a spanking on little Margaret. Mr. Maxwell beats poor Margaret's tushy until it turns beet red. Eventually he gets her out of that little schoolgirl outfit and uses a couple of toys on her tight little pussy and asshole. The session ends as Margaret delivers a juicy blowjob to Professor Maxwell as a final plea for mercy.

Stars: Margaret, Professor Maxwell



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