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Christene Gets Spanked

Video: Christene Gets Spanked
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Studio: Color Crown
Sassy raven-haired Christene gets a royal spanking from handsome stud Joe Balls. Christene has a successful career as an aerobics instructor and Joe Balls is jealous. Christene is a petite hard body with a snowy white butt. Joe Balls comes home drunk and finds fault with her. He pulls her pants down and spanks her with his hand until her cheeks turn fire engine red. In scene two, Christene gets spanked with a black rubber strap. She doesn't like it and curses Joe Balls to no end! In Scene three, Christene turns the table on Joe Balls, she pulls his pants down and spanks him with the following: a black paddle, a black strap, a ruler and a ping pong paddle. She really hits him, no phony stuff here. In fact, she breaks the paddle on his butt! This is a real spanking video!

Stars: Christene, Joe Balls



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