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Ass By Force

Video: Ass By Force
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Studio: Scorched
Have you ever had the desire to take a nice sweet well-formed butt and give it a nice whacking or two or three? Many have sometimes, and the urge is so great for some people that when they want an ass to spank, they have to take it by force.

Michele Meets Mistress Dana

Video: Michele Meets Mistress Dana
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Studio: Fetish Empire
After being beaten by her father, Michele is taken to see Mistress Dana who finishes the job for him. As if his beating of her wasn't bad enough, she gets it again and this time, Mistress Dana takes no prisoners. She beats that little girl's ass till it's a nice purple and red.

A Painful Lesson

Video: A Painful Lesson
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Studio: Scorched
When you fuck with this girl's friend, you better hope she isn't around or you'll be in for a very painful lesson, one that will take your ass to task in a rainfall of strokes and humiliation! Of course if that's your bag then...sit back and enjoy. THese two girls destroy this man's ass, spanking him adn fucking him with a strap on.



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